Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Ultimate Walken Sound Byte Page

How could I have missed this site? Awesome sound clips from almost every movie he has been in!! The layout is lame but the content is superb! Enjoy!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Twisted Animation from eatPES

This group does really good work. Very innovative stuff. I personally like 'KaBoom' the best with 'GameOver' in a close second. Checkthem out. I linked to them both. Also, be sure to check out their other prodcution shorts and commercials. You may recognize a few. Enjoy!



**NOTE** Requires Quicktime - link to quicktime at eatPES site.

Super Swiss Army Knife

This thing is friclin' insane. 85 tools in one bundle here folks. Thats right!! And its only $1200 bucks. Good stocking stuffer!

Super Knife

GAME - 4 Wheel Madness

Just get to the finsh line in the alotted time using a monster truck. Little tricky but fun.

4 Wheel Madness

Top 10 Unsportsman Like Plays

Some new some old but all are pretty good. Check it!

Massive Update coming....

Sorry for the lack of updates but I will be posting a massive update today. Check back soon....

Papa Burgundy

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Walking Mech

Those wacky asians are at it again! Check this video out. A robot walker. Looks kind of like a metal shit heap trying to walk but I guess it's a start.

Dangerous Beauty: The Art of the Shiv

"A shiv is a weapon crafted from the limited resources of a prisoner’s closed world. Crudely constructed from such things as spoons, shoelaces and upholstery tacks, shivs lie somewhere between the graceful and the grotesque. They’re primitive, too — like outsider art, but produced deep on the inside."

The site 'DesignObserver' also has some cool other visual histories like 'the history of heroin dope bags'.