Monday, October 31, 2005


Overlooking the glorious Pot Roast Mountain it made me think of Sausage Plateau back home.....ahhhh...


De-Animator Game

H.P. Lovecraft inspired game. Simply shoot the bad guys to advance to the next level. This will waste part of your day.


General Zod for President

"...I am General Zod! Today I bring a new order to your planet! Your lands, your homes, your possessions, your very lives -- all of this and more you will gladly give to me! In return, I promise you lower taxes and cheap gas prices!..."

He's got my vote. Hell yea!

Ninja New York

There is a restaurant in lower manhattan that has ninjas as their wait staff. 2 years in the making and we now have Ninja New York!

"Ninja New York is a $3.5 million dollar, 6,000-square-foot recreation of two 18th-century, mountainside Japanese villages, Iga and Kouga, the birthplace of Ninja warrior lore."

Ninjas are cool!

Ninja New York

Play More

Clever animation set to a STOMP-like rhythm....

Play More


Freaky mix & match! You can make some really whacked out looking faces. Fun stuff!


Thursday, October 27, 2005

Family Guy -Season 4 Clips

Excellent Clips! "the power of christ compels you bitch!"


Family Guy - Season 4 Clips

Office Space Merchandise

"Corporate accounts payable Nina speaking, just a moment..." has come up with this absolutely brilliant idea! I am definitly getting a mug or mousepad. They also have a long movie quiz on Office Space. I got up to question 73 before I stopped. Check it!


Wednesday, October 26, 2005


STAR WARS: Where Science Meets Imagination Exhibit

"It's a "Star Wars" fan's dream -- the first public display of props and costumes from all six films in the series, including a replica cockpit of Han Solo's asteroid-battered Millennium Falcon."

SWEEEET! Hope the exhibit comes someplace slightly closer to me otherwise I might have to try and take a trip up north.


Halloween Costumes

Here are some ideas if you haven't figured out what you're gonna be this year. Some are pretty good. Others aren't......

Halloween Costumes


Now this is really slick! Poplockin' lets you do all the moves you never could do. You can just bust a step or battle it out. Enjoy!


Toys from the 70's & 80's

TV Cream gives us their top 100 toys from the 70's & 80's. WOW! I remember alot of these. Check them out!

Top 100 Toys

Poop Friends

Short animations....that's all I'll say. Enjoy! :)

Momo's Muffin
Junji's Rocket
Baby Poop

Driver's License Viewer

Now this is kind of disturbing. Damn you Bush! All you have to do is enter a name, town, zip code and the person's driver's license is viewable online. I found mine and swiftly removed it. I'd recommend doing the same.

Driver's License Search

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

California Dreams

I've personally never seen the show but it came on right before or after 'Saved by the Bell' . I'm posting this in honor of K-Money! Kinda GROOOOOOOVY!
Anyone else know of this show?

Theme Song - may take a minute to load ( MP3 Format)

Fan Site

Crazy Lady

This chick is absolutely insane. She is frickin' screaming the whole time. This one made me laugh!

"1.Trespassing! 2.Illegal photographs! 3.You're not allowed! 4.You've been yelled at!'re and illegal photographer !!"

Crazy Lady

Some Good Soundboards

These should keep you entertained for a few minutes. Various soundboards from different shows. Good Shit!

Napoleon Dynamite

Officespace - Bill Lumbergh

Family Guy - Stewie

Full House Uncensored

I know Full House was a lame show but I watched a handful of episodes along with everyone else in America. I've seen Bob Saget's stand-up act and its quite raunchy. Check out this uncensored clip from on set. May be NSFW as I saw some boobies in an ad.

Full House Uncensored

Cigarette Commercials Before They Were Banned

So wholesome and good for you...John Wayne, Lucille Ball and the Dancing Cigarette pack agree....

Cigarette Commercials

Monday, October 24, 2005

Slice of Irony

Read the story here....Yahoo News

Treasure Box

Short , Surreal, Point & Click adventure. Simply click on the right place at the right time to advance through the game. Check it!

Treasure Box

Friday, October 21, 2005

Compelling and Rich

"Discovered by the Germans in 1904, they named it San Diego, which of course in German means a whale's vagina."

Super Mario Bros. Opera

Being somewhat of a gamer, I was slightly intrigued by this one. I'm not sure how the producers plan on getting the 'opera' crowd in the door though. Be sure to check out the video trailer.

Super Mario Opera

Sidewalk Art

This artist is really good. The sense of depth is amazing. Comment and I'll post some more of his work. He has some more really good ones.

Radiohead's Creep in FLASH

Awesome animation of Radiohead's Creep. The animation is done to the acoustic version of the song. Really well done! Will take a minute or 2 to load.... Enjoy!


Vending Machines of Japan

From bags of rice to a can of beer, from porn to kerosene. Now if I only lived in Japan I could get all these things without dirty looks from the counter lady.

Vending Machines


The proportions are wrong and the figures look like retarded Muppets but for 640 man hours it still looks like dookie. Way too much time on their hands...


Jedi Trainer

GAME - Train to be a Jedi Master...This should keep you Star Wars junkies busy for a little bit.

Jedi Trainer

The MILK Farmers Rap

Funny rap video about the glorious wonders of milk. M-I-L-K !! Kinda funny...

First Post

Welcome to Compelling & Rich! I'll be posting different pics and links that amuse me. I will eventually try the whole writing thing but for now I'll keep it simple. Enjoy!